“The ensemble cast captures an almost meditative spirit, giving the film a rather mystical quality … an ambitious project for a first-time filmmaker.


The Story

A sensitive, psychic young man learns from a mysterious alien called Zedic that he is one of a select group of hybrid beings created with an element of artificial alien DNA. Basically it is the age old story of good versus evil, but told in the form of an intelligent science fiction film which starts out in New York.

The original idea came from the mind of first-time Executive Producer Dan O’Connor (Danobuzz Entertainment, DanoSongs.com Royalty Free Music) who teamed up with Australian screenwriter and scientist Karen Buckton (KarenBuckton.com) to develop this fascinating tale.

Karen is also the screenwriter and an executive producer of the thriller “Pluripotent” which is based on stem cell therapy. Dan has composed music for many films including “A Future of Fortune”, “Waiting for Ruby” and “APPosition”. His music composing clients include Disney, IBM and Sony.

Read about development of a feature film version: Ancient alien theory takes shape in new film” —BZFilm.com

“A nice bit of work that left me wondering what will happen next, Zedic & the Crimson Born is definitely going places!”

Cast and Crew

Handsome, dimpled Benjamin Panzarino (“Billy and Wren”, “Three”) plays Nick Madern, the sensitive young man who always felt there was something different about himself as he occasionally sees people with crimson halos and has regular psychic experiences. Benjamin has a B.A. in Media Production and has written, produced, and directed short films and music videos.

Zedic, the intense member of an advanced species from the planet Yetra, is played by busy actor Gary Ploski (“Rising Star”, “Herman and Shelly”). He has worked on six films already this year.

Nick’s understanding father River Madern is played by Doug O’Connor (“Bright Lights”, “Last Exit to Brooklyn”) who has been in a Pepsi commercial and numerous musical theater productions.

Strawberry blonde Alicia Dupuis (“Indecent Exposure”, “3 Days to Daytoona”) plays Nick’s sceptical, younger sister Tallulah Madern. Alicia has also done commercial, print, voiceover and theatre work.

Illustrator Mark Elliot brings Zedic to life in his alien form. Elliot graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in illustration and has illustrated numerous book covers for Harper Collins, Scholastic, Dial, Knopf and Holiday House. His work has been exhibited in several shows at the Society of Illustrators, The Art Directors Guild, and has appeared in numerous Spectrum Annuals.

Production Coordinator, David Bonan (Executive Producer, “Still Flowing: The Movie”; “Rabbit Stories”; “Uncle Vic’s Kitchen” on TangoDangoTV) was the Director of Interactive Programming for the CT Film Festival from 2008-2010 and helped set up locations for the film in Danbury, CT.

“An abundance of great ideas…you will find yourself watching it twice at least like I did!…a great start for a very bright future in film making” —Jonny’s Cult Films

The Concept

“I am fascinated by shows like Ancient Aliens and Ghost Hunters. I want to combine these paranormal and science fiction influences in an epic movie with great twists, an engaging message and an intense entertaining vibe.”

—Dan O’Connor, Executive Producer

The movie concept is based on the premise that Earth has been visited many times by the Yetra species during human civilization, including thousands of years ago during the period of giant monoliths and hundreds of years ago during the cultural Renaissance. These aliens have decided that they must incorporate some of their own DNA into that of selected humans to advance Homo sapiens to a higher level of consciousness.

This DNA is artificially engineered to make it compatible with the human makeup. While the aim is to rescue humans from war, starvation and other suffering, there is a far deeper reason for this intervention other than the benefit of mankind. Their goal in creating these hybrids is not only to protect humans from themselves, but to save the entire universe from an evil force which feeds on negativity.

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